Cummins (Brasil) Supervisor Seg Patrimonial in São Paulo, Brazil

Consulting for the region of assignment, acts as subject matter expert in security management to key Cummins business unit leaders.

Assists the Global Security Team with the development of a strategy to align the security program in a location or region with the business plan.

Conducts security, risk, and vulnerability assessments; conducts initial investigation fact finding.

Manages executive protection operations; may provide close protection to executives as assigned; provides travel security support.

Develops and delivers employee security awareness training.

Assists with physical security upgrade projects.

Responds during emergencies as an advisor to senior business leaders.

Develops and maintains strong relationships with site leadership; develops an understanding of the conditions and concerns of the various business leaders in the region of assignment; responds to leadership to meet business needs while conforming to Cummins’ global security standards.


Foster Open Communication - Creates a work environment in which timely and relevant information flows smoothly between self and others; encourages the open expression of ideas and opinions.

Adaptability -Alters the approach as the situation demands. Works effectively within a variety of situations and with various individuals and groups. Accepts and is supportive of change.

Analytical Reasoning -Analytical Reasoning refers to the ability to evaluate and analyze data and information, draw conclusions and present an argument based upon the analysis. The use of critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and problem solving skills are critical to analytical reasoning.

Attention to Details - Involves paying attention to all the details of what is communicated, either written, orally, or presented. Provides accurate, consistent information on all documents.

Initiative - Displays ownership for starting and completing tasks in a timely manner. Identifies and takes ownership of problems encountered and suggests solutions. Knows when to seek advice and put it to use.

Tolerance of Ambiguity - Decides and acts without having all the details of a situation. Tolerates uncertainty. Can comfortably assess the risk of uncertainty. Acts resourcefully when dealing with ambiguous situations.

Security Cross Functional Knowledge - Knowledge of principles and processes of Employee Protection, Facilities Protection, Information Asset Protection, Product Protection, and Risk Assurance and how they are interlinked to provide an end solution to the business.

Security Risk Management - Knowledge of security risk management principles and protection techniques. This includes the elements of risk identification and the ability to implement appropriate measures to ensure controls are in place to inhibit compromise to Cummins assets.

Investigations - Understands the skills and techniques of conducting investigations and providing a clear, concise written report.

Knowledge of Local Laws and Regulations - Demonstrates a working knowledge of local laws, regulations, and security practices in order to implement processes appropriate for the location and environment. This may include developing and maintaining relationships with international, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.

Education, Licenses, Certifications

College, university, or equivalent degree in law enforcement or related subject required.

Fluent English is required


Significant relevant experience required.

Job: Segurança

Title: Supervisor Seg Patrimonial

Location: Brasil-São Paulo-São Paulo-Brazil, Guarulhos, Cummins Brazil

Requisition ID: 234162